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My name is Lindsey Krivenki, but my friends call me “Boss” – it’s a nickname and term of endearment because I’m the kind of gal that gets things done. Growing up in rural Central Pennsylvania, I learned the value of hard work, and the importance of a good cup of coffee and donuts. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I studied graphic design and so began a life-long love of creating and making. Having moved to Cleveland in 2005, I started a 15 year-long career at American Greetings, where I was responsible for trend researching, surface design, and design. It was around this time that I started my own freelance career, implementing my skills into a larger design practice – some of my clients include Phoenix Coffee, Bike Cleveland, and 4 Walls. Projects included website design, t-shirts, social media, interior design, and murals. Always looking to expand my business, My borderline obsessive love of plants inspired the creation of The Radical Plant Mom, an Instagram platform where I share my plants, plant events, and planty designs. I live in Gordon Square with my husband and two crazy kids, where you’ll probably find me either working in my garden or drinking a porch beer.


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